Your Mission, Our Innovation

Avidrone’s G4 Autopilot system is designed to simplify operations for the entire Avidrone fleet. G4 is purpose-built from the ground up to maximize ease of use, energy efficiency, and safety for all Avidrone aircraft. The compact and rugged Ground Control Station (GCS) features a map-based planner, enabling the planning, simulation, and execution of complex missions directly from the portable tablet GCS. Whether it’s a search-and-rescue mission or a cargo delivery operation, G4 ensures tasks are handled autonomously throughout the flight, eliminating the need for skilled pilots.

Secure Proprietary OS: The G4 autopilot prioritizes security with proprietary design and protocols, maintaining flight security throughout your missions.

Multi-user / Multi-vehicle Control: Coordinate flights with ease using G4 ground control stations. Intuitive handoff procedures ensure seamless transitions and situational awareness.

Fluid Flight™ Path Dynamics: Avidrone’s UAS fleet mirrors manned aircraft in coordinated turns. The G4 autopilot optimizes efficiency, performance, and safety by considering G-loading in flight planning.

Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) Design and Operations: The G4 system is BVLOS-ready, loading pre-validated flight plans for safety in C2 loss. Configurable for any BVLOS environment with diverse radio options.


Double the Power, Twice the Performace

Avidrone’s unique tandem rotor unmanned systems provide unparalleled performance for unmanned rotor craft. Following in the footsteps of the CH-47 Chinook helicopter, Avidrone’s tandem rotor fleet has many of the same compelling advantages:

Outstanding Stability: With dual rotors working in tandem, Avidrone boasts exceptional stability, allowing navigation with ease through turbulent conditions and challenging environments.

Impressive Lifting Power: The tandem rotors provide unmatched heavy-lift capability, enabling transport of substantial payloads, making them a crucial asset in logistics missions.

Versatile Cargo Handling: The long and linear cargo bay provides a wider centre of gravity, compared to single rotor or multi-rotor designs, and allows for the transportation of oversized cargo.

High-Altitude Performance: Tandem rotor systems excel at providing lift efficiency at high altitudes, allowing them to operate effectively in mountainous or elevated terrains, and expanding operational reach.

Reduced Risk of Turbulence: The counter-rotating rotors effectively neutralize torque effects, significantly reducing the risk of turbulence-induced accidents during hover or low-speed maneuvers, thereby enhancing safety during critical phases of flight.

The tandem rotor design’s unique blend of stability, heavy-lift capacity, cargo versatility, and high-altitude performance makes it an exceptional and indispensable rotorcraft in both defense and commercial roles.


Precision Drops, Anywhere, Anytime

Avidrone pioneers innovative remote drop systems for fully autonomous drone deliveries. Our unique handle design allows safe cargo drops at any specified location. The Touch-and-Go™ process ensures the unmanned system briefly touches down, releases cargo, and continues its mission, or completes an airdrop at a pre-defined location and altitude, with or without a parachute. The versatile package drop system easily configures for various packaging materials and volumes. Our patented drop system also serves as handles, significantly enhancing material handling.

Weatherproof Cargo Box Options: Avidrone’s patented system accommodates cargo boxes of any size or material, offering choices from one-time-use to weather-sealed options.

Large Payload Volume Availability: Avidrone’s tandem rotor fleet carries over 4.4 cubic feet, ideal for operations requiring substantial volume or payload.

Fully Automated Release: Avidrone’s automated box drop ensures smooth cargo deliveries, reducing the need for personnel interaction and enhancing operational safety.

Ground Delivery with Sub 1-meter x, y Accuracy: Our Precision-designed UAS fleet consistently delivers to specific target locations without external systems, ensuring accuracy within sub 1-meter x, y coordinates.

Air Drop with Parachute Capability: Avidrone systems perform air drops to unprepared locations, releasing cargo at predefined altitudes, with or without a parachute, for a smooth, controlled descent.